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Description: Exhibit Design

Exhibit Budget: $20K 

Size: 1,100 sq ft

Date: 2018

Exhibits Project Team: Bob Engel, Danielle Schlunegger-Warner, Luis Toribio, Rabia Shahab


We refurbished Twilight Trail to enhance play value for our visitors by:

  • re-orienting the circulation to make the play space larger and to provide more opportunities for focused play and ADA access

  • adding a campground, tent, campfire, starry sky, and moon to connect children to natural camping experiences 

  • building more robust and tactile trees

  • installing a lit-up waterfall area

  • introducing new props - new costumes, animals, books, and comfortable seating for caregivers

  • designing an ice cave.

"Don't do anything that isn't play.”

- Marshall B. Rosenberg

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